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What is PaP?

PaP – Parola ai Professionisti was born in Italy on 13th February 2019 as an archive of articles on translation and interpreting written by highly qualified Italian translators and interpreters with English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Dutch, Arabic, and Chinese as working languages.

PaP members soon recognised the great potential of this project and decided to become active on the Web.

Today PaP is a dynamic network of translators and interpreters that offer their commission-free, multilingual services in the fields of translation and interpreting to private individuals, companies, and specialised agencies.

We’ve now gone into 2020 and PaP is becoming international. Our website now has its English and Spanish versions.

Who can benefit from it?

Companies: to find the translator or interpreter they are looking for and call them. HERE you will find a list of specialised professionals. They are competent, they are experts in their field, they are well travelled, and they have a cosmopolitan mindset. They are the new generation of highly qualified freelancers. They are readily available and offer a commission-free service. Press CV PaP interpreters and translators HERE to find the professional that suits you best.

Freelancers: if they are well-established professionals or have undergone specialised training and want a free spot to showcase their skills on the web, they are in the right place. But bear in mind that, for now, one of your working languages must be Italian.

Translation and interpreting enthusiasts: on PaP you will find a selection of articles, dissertation abstracts, and specific content concerning translation and interpreting. Just click on the “PaP Articles” section.

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Do you want to join the PaP team?

Promote your professional activities on the web with your article and professional card, as an interpreter or translator with Italian in your language combination. This means you are networking.

For information on our translation or interpreting test for new members, write to

Who writes articles on PaP?

  • Active members: well-established professionals and new graduates in Translation and/or Interpreting. All prospective members undergo a test for each language in their combination as translators or interpreters.
  • Passive members: students enrolled in Translation or Interpreting departments, candidates who do not pass the selection test, candidates who do not have sufficient working experience yet or, simply, any professional who decides to contribute to our project by writing an article, but without fully entering the network.

Passive members are welcome (also undergraduate and postgraduate students) and can write articles with their name and surname at the end of them. They will not be allowed to enter the group chat with job offers or to write their own PROFESSIONAL CARD. Those who join the group as passive members can ask later on to become an active member.

The interpreter CVs must be sent to

The translator CVs must be sent to

What should you write about?

Remember that it is not only professionals who will be reading your articles, but also young people wanting to discover our profession and need to choose their academic path. Potential clients will also read them to gain information on the profession and choose the most suitable translator or interpreter for them. Any topic can work and anything can be interesting.

Here are some examples:

  • How does consecutive interpreting work?
  • Here is how chuchotage works
  • What is Trados and where can it be purchased?
  • What are the best Italian university faculties to become an editorial translator?
  • The Nuremberg Trials: the birth of simultaneous interpreting
  • Telephone interpreting: why is it growing exponentially?
  • How do we “assess” quality in translation or interpreting?
  • The main tools of Machine Translation
  • Why Google Translate is not enough for a company
  • Translating an Internet website with Google Translate is dangerous. Here’s why
  • What’s the difference between a translator and an interpreter?
  • Everyone says they can speak English. Here’s why that’s not true
  • Should you invest in learning Chinese?
  • Technical translation
  • Interpreting departments in my country
  • The Faculty of Translation and Interpreting of Geneva
  • Hospital interpreters

PaP will be translated into many languages. What better way to connect with colleagues and professionals on an international scale?

If you have any doubts about how to write an interesting article, read THIS GUIDE.


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